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diplomat and former UN Under-Secretary-General

Jean-Marie Guéhenno

France, 1949

Jean-Marie Guéhenno is president and CEO of the International Crisis Group, an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation committed to preventing and resolving deadly conflict. Earlier, he served as high-placed diplomat and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations for Peacekeeping Operations between 2000 and 2008. In 2012, he worked with Kofi Annan on a joint special envoy for Syria, realizing that peace talks were seriously hindered by the diametrically opposed American and Russian interests. He is the chairman of the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, one of the only organizations entering into dialogue with terrorist groups in the belief that diplomacy is more effective in achieving peace than military power. Guéhenno wrote several essays on international relations in addition to the books La fin de la démocratie (1993) and L’avenir de la liberté. La démocratie dans la mondialisation (1999) and The Fog of Peace (2015).

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