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About Nexus Specials

The Nexus Institute brings together the world’s foremost intellectuals, artists and politicians to think and talk about the questions that really matter. How are we to live? How can we shape our future? Can we learn from our past? Which values and ideas are important, and what are they based on?

In doing so, the Nexus Institute is at the centre of the Western cultural and philosophical debate. In the best European humanist tradition, its annual Conferences and Lectures, open to all and visited by thousands of people, have become a platform for informed intellectual debate on pressing contemporary issues. The same spirit of tolerance and erudition is upheld in the Nexus Symposia, Masterclasses and publications.

Rob Riemen Founder & President Nexus Institute

The events of the Nexus Institute are made possible by Pepijn Blom – Herjan Coelingh Bennink & Marijke de Boer – Liesbeth Cremers – Arnold Croiset van Uchelen – Karl Guha – Tex Gunning – Victor Halberstadt – Dolf & Liesbeth Huijgers – Erik van der Kooij – Van der Linden Fonds – Onno Ruding – Philip Smits & Angelique Dolle – Jasper van Veghel & Miranda Keeler – Pieter Vereertbrugghen and the anonymous others who know who they are. Do you want to join the 100 Guardian Angels of the Nexus Institute? Contact us!

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